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Guitar player, mostly...

I was born on July the 4th, 1976. I lived in a suburb really close to Paris and my childhood was quite happy. I wasn't interested at all about the music except playing Michael Jackson hits on my radio...Untill my 16th birthday. This is where the passion begins !
My best friend, offered me the CD album that would change my life in a way : Surfing with thre alien by Joe Satriani...yep, nothing else ! 
That was a choc to me ! I had never heard such music and, of course, such Guitars ryhtms and solos !

Lets' Rock Hard or not !

The day after I came into a guitars shop in Pigalle (famous place in Paris) and bought my first guitar. To be honest I didn't know much about what to buy and the seller recommanded me some kind of Les Paul imitation by Honer (if I do remember well) and a small 100w transistor amp...Very far from Joe Satriani hardware :)

Anyway, that was the start...

I went to private course for more than a year which, indeed, helped me a lot. Not only to learn how to play - this is obvious -  but to help me discovered famous bands : Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Thin Lizzy and so much more...Which I, as weird as it seems, didn't know any of them !

During that time, I practiced a lot. Almost 8H a day, non stop. That was a full time job :) and a pain for my whole family who had to lived with a guitar newbie.

I started to listen anything with guitars in it from Dire Straits to Fear Factory - The Police, Carlos Santana, Gary Moore, Gun's N Roses, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Ronny Jordan...

Months after months, I have noticed that I mostly played the solo parts of the songs - of course Satch was still here (and he is still in 2020) - and it is as a soloist that I will join my first band, Evergreen.

That was a great experience that last for about 3 years.

Of course, it was great to play in a band, recording in studio, go on stage some times, but what I liked the most in this adventure was the opportunity of writing songs. It's a totally new level of making music.
And to be honest - hope the members would confim it if you asked them - I was pretty good at it, and in most cases, the others members loved my songs.

But Life is surprising and for some reasons I can't even remember, we stopped playing together.
We are still friend thought, but never talk about music anymore.

After that experience and as I started working in financial, I also stopped to play the guitar, except for me in my living room.

The "movie" experience

Few months after that break, I was in a family diner, maybe for Christmas, and I start talking with a guy I didn't even know. I told him my "music" story and made him listen to my materials (I always had a CD in my car "just in case..."). He loved my way of playing, my sensitivty as he said. Of course, he wasn't a producer or a member of a famous band but a composer. He had a recording studio in Paris and was working on some music for a french movie. He had a need for a saturated guitar in a important scene of the movie. So he asked me to come in this studio few days later. We recorded what he asked quite quickly actually. That was fun !

A couple of weeks later, he introduced me to a world music band who was looking for a new guitar player, ATMA. I recorded few songs with them and we went on stage for a french festival. Again, it was a great experience and I had great time...but I missed the solos :) So I left the band....and I became a Dad :) Which was, and still is, the best thing ever. I stopped to think music from that day for a long time.

The Loss and the Life

We all live a tragedy in our life at some time. Mine arrived at the age of 40. I lost the spirit of Life and Love, my mom. It was really hard for me and my sisters and it took me more than a year to just realize what happened. When I finally came back to present, I had a huge need to write music, to express myself about that loss. Then I start to write "Life" with the first song "I miss your pain".  

Why "Life" after "Death" ?
Because, they are both connected. Where there is no life, there is no death. And in memory of my mom, I choose Life over Death.

Today, nearly four years after, the pain is still here every single day but it helps me to go on in my personal life and most of all, helps me to write new beautiful songs ;)

Self producing ?

First of all, what to use for recording guitars properly ? That could be so obvious for some of you, but that wasn't for me. So again, I read.
I heard about DAWs, audio interfaces, amps and stomps simulators, midi instruments, but also, compressors, limitors, equalizers....and streaming services.
It probably take me more than a year to start to understand how to use all that tools. You can clearly hear it in my songs. The most I learn, the most my songs sounds better. For example "Alone in the dark" is quite brighter than "I miss your pain" and it is more rich in term of composing.

After trying loads of VST plugins, I finally sticked to a dozen that I use almost in every songs.

What are they ? Check my hardware and softwares page to discover my gear...and I'm telling you, it is a cheap one :)

My first intention was not to write a whole album, but just to write some music and give the best that I can to make it sounds good !

Nevertheless I didn't know anything about recording, mixing and mastering. So I learnt. Thanks to youtube and all the websites talking about this subject (not all are good though), I could start to deliver some quite good materials. I don't say it is perfect - it is even far from it - but it could be listen properly to give pleasure to people and myself.

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