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When I start writing "Life", I didn't take time to think about what I need to make it sounds good and I didin't have loads of hardware at home.
To be honest , I only had 2 electric guitars and a really cheap bass guitar and couldn't really afford to buy some new equipment. So I decided to only use my computer for everything...

Lead Guitar : Ibanez RBM1 model 1991

My one and only ! I bought this guitar in 1991 and never left it since.

The RBM1 features a mahogany body bolted to a maple neck with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dot position markers. Components include Ibanez pickups with a humbucker at the bridge and single coil-sized humbuckers in the middle and neck positions and a double locking tremolo bridge.

The mics (Ibanez HB2 and SB1) are very powerful yet versatile. They offers huge possibilies of playing from Metal rythm with the bridge mic to warm and bright clean sound using intermediate position between the neck and middle mics.

2nd guitar : VGS Eruption Les Paul polar white

I bought this one on the internet without event trying it. I needed a second guitar to make my sound bigger and found interesting to use another guitar rather then the same with different settings.
The massif linden body is quite good to have a neutral sound with a huge sustain. The EMG mics are not the best on the market but they do the job.

Audio interface :  Scarlett 2i2

When it comes to recording, the audio interface is essential in the chain as this is the component that will ensure to capture your sound properly. After some research on the internet, I found that Focusrite was quite iconic on the subject and I love the Red colour :)

I let you discover the full specifications on their website but I'm telling you, this is GOOD !

Computer : HP i5-CB021nf laptop

Nothing to say here. I use my personal laptop computer which is quite powerful after adding some extra RAM. Be carreful with laptop computers since constructors add some additionals programs to make the battery last the max, but then make harder to use them as music makers. I suggested you to install an utility sush as Process Lasso and deactivate anything related to eco mode in your laptop settings. 

Monitoring speakers

Presonus Eris 4.5 BT
4.5" Powered Studio Monitor with Woven Composite Woofer, 1" Silk-dome Tweeter, 50W Class AB Power, Acoustic Tuning Controls and Bluetooth Connectivity.
These monitors have 4 different types of audio connections (1/4" TRS, RCA, 1/8" stereo, and Bluetooth) that let you dish out audio from almost any source, including smart devices. You'll also find manual acoustic tuning knobs on the back of the units to optimize them for your acoustic environment.

Live/Studio gear

Berhinger FCB1010 foot Controller
The FCB1010 is an Ultra-Flexible MIDI Foot Controller with 2 Expression Pedals and MIDI Merge Function. It works perfectly with Guitar Rig 5 and Amplitube after adding a small 30$ module to also use it as stomp boxes chain.

Softwares : DAW and VST plugins

This is what takes the most of time. How to choose a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) ? I mean how to choose the DAW that will correspond to your way of thinking ? And once this part done, what to put in it ? What plugins to use to create Rock music ?

Choose a DAW

Actually, I think this part is quite personal. I have tried most DAWs in the market from ProTools to Mixcraft. They all have pros and cons. But for some reasons, I sticked to Ableton Live. I like its simplicity. The way it is designed with left panel for plugin list, bottom panel for plugin in use and the main panel for the mixing console matches with the way my brain act. Some included plugins are good enough to be use in production (i.e the glue compressor or the Grand Piano).
Live also offers the ability of dual screen which is really handy to control everything at the same time.

Audio plugins

Another essential part of creating music with computer is how to make it sounds real. How to reproduce the power of a guitar or bass amp. So I tried different amp simulators...and if most of them are good enough to play, I didn't really feel like I was in front of a real amp.
Then for a while I mainly use Guitar Rig. It is easy to use, there are plenty of effects available and it sounds great. Actually you can hear it in most songs of my album.
From "Alone in the dark" I started to use Amplitube as well.

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